Be the Professional Pets Need - And Clients Prefer.

Distinguish yourself as a leading provider with the Advanced Pet Care Provider certification, designed for Pet Professionals who want to build trust, increase revenue, and enhance their level of care.

Which of these sounds like you?

→ I feel like my services are undermined by faceless corporations and countless freelancers.

→ I feel like I’m not earning what my premium services are worth because I'm competing on price.

→ I want to elevate the level of care I provide to become a top professional in the industry.

→ I want a credential that builds instant credibility and trust.

 After reading that, how much of it applies to you?

 You're not alone.

 Meet your instructor. 

Hi, I’m your instructor John. I’ve dedicated my entire career to improving animal welfare. As a former Humane Law Enforcement Officer and Shelter Supervisor, I’ve tackled numerous challenging cases and managed animal care at one of the largest shelters in New Jersey. This hands-on experience taught me just how important proper training is for pet professionals.

True professionals like us are being undermined by cheap and dangerous corporations that hire anyone with a smartphone. These businesses cut corners in the level of care, leading to a revolving door of unqualified staff and serious risks for pets, including being lost, stolen, or harmed at the hands of these freelancers. This creates a significant gap in the market—a gap where pet parents are desperately seeking a true premium option for their beloved animals.

We created this certification and course to empower genuine professionals, helping you stand out and serve this untapped market. Our course is designed not just to give you a credential, but to equip you with advanced knowledge to handle emergencies and provide the highest level of day-to-day care.

Join me in this course and gain the confidence to deliver the best care possible. The pets and clients who trust us deserve nothing less. Thankfully, discerning pet parents are beginning to expect and demand this level of care.

Check out this survey to see how pet parents are increasingly looking for high-quality, pet professionals in the sea of freelancers.

An overwhelming 82% of pet owners recently surveyed stated that having advanced credentials is the deciding factor when choosing a pet care professional—not their cost, not the quality of their website, but the presence of skills should an emergency arise with their beloved pet, and the peace of mind knowing they've hired a dedicated professional. The industry is changing, and the expectations for pet care are evolving with it. Don't be left behind. That's why we're so passionate about equipping you with the critical skills needed to stand out in this competitive field and meet these growing demands.


This Advanced Pet Care Provider course is specifically designed for Pet Professionals who want to build trust, boost revenue, and truly elevate their level of care.

Here's a look inside the AP training course.

Here's a look inside the course.

Swipe through the modules below.

"John Caponetta, AP"

Upon earning your certification, you will have the privilege of adding the prestigious "AP" post-nominal to your name. This designation sets you apart as a Certified Advanced Pet Care Provider, showcasing your expertise and commitment to excellence in the field. Wearing these credentials proudly, you'll distinguish yourself from competitors, instilling confidence in clients and affirming your status as a trusted professional dedicated to providing the highest level of pet care.

+ Lifetime Recertification

With lifetime access & recertification, stay certified free of charge and get access to all future revisions and bonuses added to the course! 

That's $247 saved every 2 years!

Bonus #1: Certification Card, Database Listing & Seal

After completion of the course you'll receive an evergreen certification card in the mail. Your certification is logged within our searchable database making it a breeze for you to provide proof of certification to clients or employers, and for potential clients to find you. Additionally, proudly display your certification on your website or in marketing materials using your custom AP Seal. 

Bonus #2: Industry Recognized

Proudly endorsed by the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS), PetCare Insurance and approved by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) for 3 Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

CEUs: IAABC (3).

Deluxe Package also includes these BONUSES

Bonus #3: The Pet Pro’s Toolkit for Business Growth & Success
($397 Value)

This dynamic course is your comprehensive toolkit for business success, packed with training resources, modules, and actionable insights designed to elevate your pet care business. It’s specifically crafted to help you market your services as a premium option, outshining large corporations and unqualified freelancers. You'll learn to sharpen your marketing strategies, clearly articulate your value proposition, and expand your revenue streams through unique and lucrative service additions. Drawing from the proven strategies, this course provides a framework to rapidly grow your pet business to and beyond six-figure earnings.

Bonus #4: Two 1-on-1 Business Coaching Sessions
($494 Value)

Think of us as your personal pet business coaches. We’re here to support you when you need it most. Included in the Deluxe Package is two 1-on-1 coaching sessions over video chat, where you'll get advice from coaches who built six-figure pet businesses. We'll sit down together to discuss whatever bottleneck is holding you back and develop a plan to overcome it. And if your issue requires specialized expertise, I’m confident that someone on our experienced team can help.

Bonus #5: Identifying & Remediating Animal Cruelty & Neglect 
($29 Value)

Identifying & Remediating Animal Cruelty & Neglect provides you with the tools to recognize signs of unintentional neglect & cruelty and address them effectively. You'll learn how to help and support your clients in making the necessary changes, all while handling these situations with poise and tact. You’ll also learn when it's time to escalate an issue to law enforcement.
It’s about turning challenging interactions into opportunities for improvement and education.

Bonus #6: Advanced Pet First Aid Field Manual
($49 Value)

For future APs who pay in full, we'll send you a hardcover copy of our Advanced Pet First Aid Field Manual. 

This essential field manual provides quick access to critical information for handling emergency situations with confidence and expertise. Encompassing vital topics such as CPR, Trauma Management, Medical Interventions, Poisoning and more. This field guide is enriched with detailed diagrams, step-by-step procedures, quick-references. It's a comprehensive resource designed to support you in delivering prompt and effective emergency care in the field, ensuring the well-being of pets under urgent circumstances.

Certified Advanced Pet Care Provider (AP) Course: Lifesaving care… ($247 Value) + Personal Certification Card………………………………………………....($20 Value)   Pet Pro's Toolkit Course: Fast-Track business growth & success…….…($397 Value)    Lifetime Access & Recertification: Stay certified with no extra cost…. ($4970 Value)   BONUS: Identifying & Remediating Animal Cruelty & Neglect Course…..…($29 Value)   BONUS: Two 1-on-1 Pet Business Coaching Sessions with John……...…($494 Value)   BONUS: Advanced Pet First Aid Field Manual by Pawsome University...….($49 Value) Total Value is $6206!

Happy Tail Guarantee!

And lastly, stepping into our Advanced Pet Care Provider Certification Program is a powerful move towards transforming your career. This isn't just training—it's an investment in becoming a top-tier pet care professional, one who commands respect and high earnings in the industry. We understand the gravity of this step, which is why we want you to dive in with complete confidence.

So here’s what we’re going to do: immerse yourself. For the next 30 days, take full advantage of every piece of content, every resource available. Engage deeply, challenge yourself, and tap into the personalized support we offer—like our one-on-one remediation sessions via Zoom to tackle any part of the course you find challenging.

If you decide that the AP Certification Program isn't the right fit for you within the 30-day period, you can request a full refund. 

We're here to see you succeed, to see you excel. When you win, it's not just a victory for you—it's a win for every pet in your care, and every other pet professional fighting against the cheapening of our industry.

What others are saying;

“I gotta say, I was blown away. There was way more in your program than any in-person classes that I have taken..

If you’re considering it, do it. Do it. It was by far the best program that I took for my career.”

- Kat Roth
Owner of Kat and Dogs Ohio

"It's a fantastic course which I have already recommended to other people here in Australia. Thank you for making this available outside of the US!"

- Alyssa W.

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