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Struggling with Your Dog's Behavior? Let's Tackle It... Together!

You and your dog are not just another appointment on our calendar. At Pawsome University, you're our raison d'être. Our reason for being. And we're here to roll up our sleeves and dive deep into the nitty-gritty of your dog's unique quirks and challenges...

We won't just talk... We'll listen. We'll understand. And most importantly, we'll be ready to craft a tailored action plan that resonates with your dog's individuality and your family's needs.

Say goodbye to dangerous cookie-cutter advice, we utilize science-based fear-free methods to uncover the root of those pesky behavior issues and help you restore harmony within your home. Your journey to a happier, healthier life with your dog begins with just one click.


Behavioral Science First

Where others are stuck in the past, everything we prescribe is based off the most recent findings and literature in Canine Behavioral Science.

Industry Leaders

Leaders in the Positive Reinforcement Dog Training industry, creating educational resources for Pros and staying abreast of new scientific literature in an effort to become a more Humane, Science-backed profession.

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Lowering the barrier of entry to receive Professional Dog Training and Behavior Modification.

No credit checks, no questions asked.