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During your free evaluation call with Pawsome University, you can expect a comprehensive discussion of your dog's behavior issues. We'll explain our positive reinforcement-based programs and provide tailored advice on the best plan of action to address your family's specific challenges. This call is designed to give you a clear understanding of our approach and how we can help you build a happier, healthier life with your dog. There's no obligation, just expert guidance to assist you on your dog's behavioral journey. We look forward to meeting you and your dog!


FREE 15 Minute Evaluation Call

Behavioral Science First

Where others are stuck in the past, everything we prescribe is based off the most recent findings and literature in Canine Behavioral Science.

Industry Leaders

Leaders in the Positive Reinforcement Dog Training industry, creating educational resources for Pros and staying abreast of new scientific literature in an effort to become a more Humane, Science-backed profession.

Bundles & Payment Plans

Lowering the barrier of entry to receive Professional Dog Training and Behavior Modification.

No credit checks, no questions asked.