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"Where The Underdogs Rise"

We utilize our 9 acres of land in Millstone Twp. New Jersey to provide a calm, low stimulus environment for your dog to learn in. We even have a 1 Acre private dog park on premises! Using only positive and fear-free dog training methods, we will work with you and your dog to overcome obstacles and get back to a happy and healthy life. 


Ranked The #4 Best Dog Trainer in the USA

by Sniffspot, 2022

Just some of our dog training success stories;

Haley B.
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I have grown up with dogs my whole life, even worked with them professionally for a few years. I’ve seen a lot of different issues and temperaments, but when I rescued my girl Madison I felt like we were hitting behavioral issue after behavioral issue, and she was the first dog I’ve ever had where I felt like I was at a loss. The vet prescribed her tranquilizers and told me I couldn’t live with her like this, the vet tech told me I was at a point where I needed to give her back or away. That is just something I don’t do. I was looking into behaviorists, as Madison almost seemed worse on the medications, and I found Pawsome university. I decided to give it a shot, because I was not giving up on this dog- she is family. I cannot believe the progress that this dog has made, and I can never say enough how helpful meeting with Jaime has been. It has really been life changing for my family but more importantly, Madison. As annoying as extreme dog anxiety can be, I know it was worse for her. I was worried something would happen where what happened with my Maddie girl would be out of my hands but I knew deep down she was a good girl. We have truly saved her life. All of this progress was done without corrections, yelling, strict rules - and this is a dog who was perceived as aggressive. Thank you for reading this Ted Talk. Don’t give up on your dog! Reach out to Jaime.

Rachel M.
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The only animal trainers you should work with! I value Jaime and John’s work so much! They are extensively knowledgeable and can offer helpful suggestions with any situation you might be facing with your dog. Their philosophy on how important it is to foster mutual respect in your relationship with your dog is key! This is where most other trainers get it wrong. They can give you the information that is pivotal to increasing your understanding of your dog and her/his behavior and how to course correct in a way that will be mutually beneficial (and even enhance the relationship). Schedule a consult now!

Jaime and John helped me and my girlfriend ease our animals (my two cats -10 year old male and female; her dog - 14 year old male Puggle) into our new apartment together and create their own trusting and respectful relationships with one another. We are on our way to all of our fur babies living in harmony together. Cannot say thank you enough!

Rachel L.
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I would highly recommend Pawsome University to anyone looking for support with introducing their dog children to their human children. We have a fear aggressive dog, who has required a lot of behavioural support throughout her life. We expected her to have a hard time with our new baby and did training with her prior to baby's arrival, but nevertheless she was quite stressed and showing some signs of aggression towards baby once he came. We started working with Jaime immediately. She was quick to respond and meet with us. She immediately calmed our anxieties by giving us practical strategies to ensure safety for both dog and baby, and provided hope that this would get better if we kept with the plan. We've had a lot of trainers for our dog and I have to say Jaime has been one of the best - focusing on positive reinforcement and balancing safety with developing a positive association with the baby to set our dog up for success. She also helped us understand our dog's behaviour better including when it was fear based and when it was more of a maternal instinct (or both) and how to recognize signs that contact with the baby should be increased or decreased. We have met with her a few times as our son has reached new milestones and our dog has had to adjust and Jaime has helped us to reinforce positivity and successfully navigate each transition. She's also helped us think through important milestones to come, including thinking through boundaries that we will need to teach baby about how to interact with our dog. She packs a lot into each appointment and checks in afterwards to make sure things are going positively. We are eternally grateful to Jaime for helping our two children forge a positive relationship.


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