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Impacts of COVID-19 on Puppy Development

dog training fear Mar 09, 2023

If you got a puppy during the COVID lockdowns - you need to hear this! 

A group of researchers and Veterinarians out of Naples Italy  investigated the impact of the COVID-19 lockdown on the behavior of puppies in Italy. The study was conducted by surveying dog owners who acquired their puppies during the COVID-19 lockdown period in Italy.



The results of the study showed that puppies raised during the COVID-19 lockdown period exhibited more fearful and aggressive behaviors as adults compared to puppies acquired before the lockdown. The study found that these puppies were more likely to exhibit fear of other dogs, fear of strangers, and aggression towards other dogs and people.

The study suggests that the lockdown period may have contributed to the development of these behavioral issues in puppies, as the puppies had less opportunity for socialization and exposure to different stimuli during their critical socialization periods. This really highlights the importance of early socialization and training for puppies to prevent the development of fear and aggression in adulthood.

If this sounds like your dog, there is hope. It’s never too late to properly socialize your dog with a combination of Systematic Desensitization, and Counter Conditioning. With time and positive reinforcement, you can heal the wounds of 2020 and look forward to a better tomorrow with your dog. Contact us today for a free evaluation, Pawsome University works with clients all over the USA and beyond either in person or virtually.